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attachment-1011330978My “I Challenge ALL Claims to the Ultimate Brine” Turkey Brine

I’ve always claimed to roast the best turkey in the world but with this brine; I’m totally right.  Modest-shmodest; you have to try this recipe, it’s insane!

Serves (depends on size of bird)

Note; this is the recipe for the brine, check out “Roasted Chicken” for the recipe for roasting the turkey.

20 Cups (5 litres, 1.25 gallon) cold water

1 Cup fine salt

½ Cup white granular sugar

2 Heads of garlic, sliced in half (Leave the skin on)

1 Large onion, sliced in quarters

10 Sprigs of fresh thyme

2 Large sprigs of fresh rosemary

2 Lemons; use the zest of both lemons and only one lemon, cut into chunks (reserve the other lemon for roasting the turkey)

1 tbsp whole black peppercorns

8 bay leaves

–  Bring all ingredients to a boil and then turn off the heat and set aside to cool.

–  When the brine has cooled, place it in the fridge to come down in temperature.

–  When the brine is cold, place the cleaned turkey in it, completely submerging it.

–  Return the turkey and brine to the fridge and let it sit for 24 hours, you’ll maybe get away with 16 but I haven’t personally tried it.

–  After the turkey has been in the brine for 24 hours, take it out and rinse it well.

–  Let the turkey sit in clean, cold water for 15 minutes.

–  Dry it completely and then prepare it according to the recipe for “Roast Chicken”.


  1. I learned the method from Pioneer woman (thank you Pioneer Woman) but the ingredients have been a work in progress for sometime!
  2.  I wouldn’t use this method on a chicken; I think the meat is too delicate.



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