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Steak and Corn Quesadilla

This is a variation of my Chicken Quesadilla recipe, this comes together in minutes and always impresses. Feel free to experiment with the toppings and seasonings; this is just as versatile as pizza (did I mention it’s really, really yummy?).

Serves 4 (as an appetizer)/Makes 2 Quesadillas

2 large whole wheat tortilla shells

2 tsp extra virgin olive oil, divided

½ Cup shredded (old) cheddar

1 Medium tomato, chopped

¼ Cup corn (frozen or fresh)

1 Small steak (about 227g;  I used sirloin), grilled and chopped



Pinch of Chili powder

Salsa (optional)

Fat free sour cream (optional)

Heat a tsp of the olive oil in a large frying pan over medium high heat; roll the pan around so the oil is evenly distributed.   Add a tortilla shell to the pan and then drop the heat to medium.

Build the quesadilla on one side of the shell only:

Evenly spread two tbsp of cheddar across the bottom of half the shell.

Top the cheese evenly with half of the tomato, and lightly season the tomatoes with salt and pepper.

Then top with half of the corn and half of the steak, again lightly season with salt and pepper.

Top with another 2 tbsp of the cheddar.

Gently fold the bare side of the tortilla shell over the toppings; press down gently to ensure the shell stays folded.

Then gently flip the quesadilla, use a plate if necessary.

Cook for a minute or so, until the bottom of the quesadilla is slightly browned and crispy.

Lightly sprinkle a light dusting of the chili powder on to the hot quesadilla as soon as you remove it from the pan (while the olive oil is still hot).

Slice into 4 evenly sized triangles.


  1. Serve with fat free sour cream and salsa, and might I suggest my Guacamole!?!
  2. This is a great way to use up leftover steak.