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My Guide for Awesome Grilled Chicken

 When any of my recipes call for grilled chicken this is the recipe to go to!  Grilling takes patience and practice but once you get the hang of it you are unbeatable!  Ha-ha but seriously try to follow these tips and you’ll be fine; especially now that it’s summer time.  Summer time equals BBQ!

– Brush or coat the chicken with extra virgin olive oil.

– Then season the chicken liberally with salt and pepper.  As an alternative to simple salt and pepper, I love to use a Montreal Steak seasoning blend that I buy at the regular grocery store; just use less then you would for steak.

– Whether I am using a BBQ, indoor grill or frying pan, I like to have the heat on the appliance on medium high.

– The most important part of grilling any protein is that once you put it on the heat, do not touch it.

–  A good habit to get into is to time how long you cook the meat on each side. Depending on the size of the breast your cooking time is going to vary.  A good rule of thumb is to grill one side for 6 minutes and the second side for 5 (second side doesn’t need as much time).

–  To get the awesome grill marks rotate the meat 45 degrees half way through the cooking time on each side.

– Let the meat rest at least 5 minutes before cutting it.